Reviving Reverence Ministries

“Embrace a transformative lifestyle today! Reverence is not just a religious practice confined to places of worship. It’s a powerful force that can positively shape our families, relationships, workplaces, and society. Don’t just believe it, live it. Start your journey towards a life of reverence now and witness the remarkable impact it can make!”

Our Ministries

Teaching & Preaching

Discover transformative truths through insightful sermons and Bible studies that equip believers with a solid faith foundation.

Family & Relationship

Find guidance and support for healthy relationships through counseling, workshops, and community-building events.

Prayer & Discipleship

Experience the power of prayer and grow spiritually through dedicated gatherings, mentoring, and discipleship programs.

Conferences & Events

Join impactful gatherings featuring dynamic speakers, worship, and teachings that inspire and empower your faith journey.

Resources & Publications

Access valuable, biblically rooted resources—articles, e-books, podcasts—designed to deepen your faith and address life’s challenges.

Specialized Training Courses

Discover the immense value in each of our courses, presenting a golden opportunity for personal growth, transformation, and impactful leadership within our church community. The time for action is now! Don’t allow these precious opportunities to slip away. Seize this moment to embrace personal growth, empowerment, and make a profound impact within our church community. Enroll today and unlock the boundless potential that lies within you. Embrace the transformative journey that awaits, equipping you with invaluable skills, insights, and a renewed sense of purpose. Don’t delay any longer—step forward with conviction, enthusiasm, and commitment. Together, let us embark on this remarkable path of growth, unity, and faith. Your true potential awaits—embrace it now!

Visionary Leader's

“Embark on a life-altering journey of personal and professional growth with the Visionary Leader’s transformative 12-week program. Unleash your leadership potential as you gain invaluable skills, insights, and strategies, empowering you to lead with vision, impact, and effectiveness within diverse contexts and communities.”

Unleashing the Power Within

“Unleash the untapped power within you through the Empowering 12-week Study of the Fivefold Ministry Model. Discover your unique gifts, activate your calling, and experience transformative growth, equipping you to impact lives and advance God’s kingdom.”

Managing God's Blessing

Your cont”Unlock the art of Managing God’s Blessing through our transformative program. Discover a biblical approach to family budgeting and money management, equipping you with practical strategies for stewarding God’s resources effectively and experiencing financial freedom and abundance.”

Reviving Reverence

“Revive the essence of reverence with the Reviving Reverence Catechism, a comprehensive doctrinal study exploring the depth and richness of the Church’s belief system. Immerse yourself in transformative insights and strengthen your foundation in faith and devotion.”

Nouthetic Counseling

“Dive into the profound realm of Nouthetic Counseling: Understanding Authentic Biblical Counseling. Uncover the principles, wisdom, and practical tools necessary for genuine, transformative counseling. Equip yourself to provide compassionate guidance rooted in biblical truth, leading to lasting healing and restoration.”

Disciplines of Discipleship

“Experience the transformative power of Disciplines and Discipleship: Spiritual Parenting and Multiplication. Ignite church growth and foster personal maturity through this dynamic program. Embrace the art of spiritual parenting, multiplying disciples, and unlocking your full potential in Christ.”

Apostle Dr. Eric L. Jones

Prayer Ministry

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Music Ministry

Men’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry

Young Adult Ministry

Youth Ministry

Family Ministry

Benevolence Ministry

Hospitality Ministry

Missions Ministry

Community Outreach Ministry

Recovery Ministry

Counseling Ministry

Volunteer Service Opportunities