Our Values

Reverence for God

We hold a deep and abiding reverence for God, recognizing Him as the center of our faith and ministry.

Biblical Integrity

We are committed to upholding the truth and authority of the Bible in all our teachings and actions.

Spiritual Growth

We prioritize the spiritual growth and discipleship of individuals and families, seeking to see lives transformed by the power of the Gospel.

Authentic Worship

 We value authentic and vibrant worship as a means to encounter the presence of God.

Community and Relationships

 We foster a sense of community and authentic relationships, where believers can support and encourage one another in their faith journey.

Servant Leadership

 We model and encourage servant leadership, following the example of Jesus Christ.

Compassion and Outreach

 We are driven by compassion and committed to serving our local and global communities through outreach and acts of kindness.

Prayer and Intercession

 We believe in the power of prayer and intercession to bring about change and transformation.

Family Values

We uphold the importance of strong, godly families and provide support and resources for their growth and well-being.


 We strive to make the Gospel relevant to contemporary life and culture while maintaining its timeless truths.


 We pursue excellence in all aspects of our ministry, striving to glorify God in all that we do.


 We value unity within the body of Christ and seek to build bridges among believers of diverse backgrounds and denominations.

Compassionate Outreach

 We prioritize compassionate outreach, reaching out to those in need and sharing the love of Christ through practical actions.

Hope and Transformation

 We believe in the hope and transformation that can be found in Christ, and we strive to share this hope with a hurting world.


 We seek to empower individuals to live out their faith boldly, impacting their communities and the world for Christ.

Cultural Sensitivity

 We approach ministry with cultural sensitivity, recognizing and respecting the diverse backgrounds and contexts of those we serve.

Eternal Perspective

We maintain an eternal perspective, focusing on the lasting impact of our ministry in the lives of individuals and communities.

These core values guide our ministry’s actions, decisions, and interactions as we seek to fulfill our mission and vision.

Apostle Dr. Eric L. Jones

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