Prayer Ministry

Prayer is the foundation of our ministry, and our Prayer Ministry is committed to interceding on behalf of our congregation and community. We firmly believe in the power of prayer to bring healing, breakthroughs, and transformation in the lives of individuals and families. Our prayer team gathers regularly to pray for specific needs, and we also offer individual prayer support for those seeking God’s intervention in their lives. If you have a burden for prayer and a desire to stand in the gap for others, we invite ite you to be part of our Prayer Ministry.

Prayer Team

Join our dedicated Prayer Team and be part of a powerful movement seeking God’s heart through intercession. Together, we lift up the needs of our congregation and community, believing in the transformative power of prayer.

Prayer Requests

Submit your prayer requests and let our caring Prayer Team intercede on your behalf. We believe in the faithfulness of God to answer and bring comfort and healing to every need presented before Him.

Zoom Prayer Meetings

Gather virtually with fellow believers in our Zoom Prayer Meetings. Engage in fervent intercession, worship, and seek God’s guidance together as we draw near to His presence.

Teaching on Prayer

Deepen your understanding of prayer through our practical and inspiring teachings. Learn about different prayer approaches, the power of prayer, and how to cultivate a vibrant prayer life.

Intercessory Prayer

Experience the joy of interceding for others and partnering with God to bring transformation. Join us as we stand in the gap for our community, nation, and the world.

Prayer Resource

Explore our collection of prayer resources, including prayer guides, devotionals, and books. These valuable tools will enrich your prayer life and help you grow in intimacy with God.

Prayer Partnerships

Collaborate with us in prayer partnerships, connecting with other churches and ministries. Together, we seek God’s kingdom to come and His will to be done.

Prayer Retreats

Attend our prayer retreats and events for an immersive and refreshing prayer experience. Encounter God in a deeper way and be strengthened in your faith journey.

Answered Prayers

Rejoice with us as we celebrate answered prayers and testimonies of God’s faithfulness. It’s a testament to His goodness and an encouragement to keep seeking Him in prayer.

Apostle Dr. Eric L. Jones

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