Family Ministry

The Family Ministry is dedicated to strengthening and supporting families in their journey of faith and life. We believe that families are the foundation of society and that strong families make a lasting impact on generations to come. Through seminars, workshops, and events, we address the unique challenges faced by families today, providing biblical guidance, practical tools, and resources for nurturing healthy relationships. Whether you’re a married couple, a single parent, or a grandparent, our Family Ministry is here to walk alongside you, helping you build a Christ-centered home filled with love and grace.

Educational Leadership Team

Our Educational Leadership Team is dedicated to nurturing the spiritual growth and development of families. Comprising experienced educators and mentors, they guide and inspire families, imparting knowledge and faith-based wisdom.

Sunday School Classes

Sunday School is a cornerstone of our Family Ministry. These classes offer age-appropriate learning experiences for families, making the Bible come alive and helping all members grow in their faith together.

Small Groups

In our small groups, families find a close-knit community where they can explore their faith, share experiences, and build lasting relationships. These groups provide a safe space for personal and spiritual growth for each family member.

Bible Studies

Families are encouraged to delve into the Scriptures in our engaging Bible studies. These studies provide an opportunity for family members to learn and grow together in their understanding and application of biblical teachings.

Discipleship Programs

Our family discipleship programs empower families to become devoted followers of Christ. Through mentorship and practical guidance, families learn to apply biblical principles in their daily lives and strengthen their faith bonds.

Training and Equipping Seminars

Our training and equipping seminars provide practical skills and spiritual insight for families. These sessions equip families to navigate the challenges of contemporary life while grounding themselves in faith and family values.

Online Programs

Our online programs offer families flexibility in growing their faith together. From virtual classes to interactive resources, we provide accessible tools for spiritual development that families can engage with at their convenience.

Mentoring and Coaching

Our mentoring and coaching programs support families in their journey of faith. These programs connect families with experienced guides who provide support, encouragement, and spiritual guidance, helping families navigate the complexities of modern family life.

Personal Evangelism

We equip families to share their faith with confidence through personal evangelism. Family members learn to communicate the message of Christ as a unit, fostering strong bonds and faith-sharing opportunities within their communities.

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